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Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan

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Who can say he has produced work for:
Sepultura, Michael Jackson, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Anne McCaffrey and Meat Loaf?
Michael Whelan, that's who.
Michael is the most honored artist in the science fiction and fantasy field, having recently been voted the World Science Fiction Hugo Award for Best Artist of the Last 50 Years.
His art has graced best-selling books and records for years.

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Camel / Lunar Sea

Michael Whelan: whelan01.jpg, 415 x 675, 150KB Michael Whelan: The Amazing Dragon 669 x 1024, 69KB Michael Whelan:whelan03.jpg, 585 x 600, 49KB
Michael Whelan: Buffo 535 x 730, 154KB Michael Whelan:whelan05.jpg, 600 x 483, 104KB Michael Whelan: Chronos 503 x 679, 120KB
Michael Whelan: whelan07.jpg, 588 x 900, 186KB Michael Whelan: whelan08.jpg, 300 x 456, 33KB Michael Whelan: whelan09.jpg, 487 x 729, 163KB
Michael Whelan: Dragonsbane 371 x 600, 83KB Michael Whelan: Dragonsdawn 1024 x 705, 146KB Michael Whelan: Sun-Runners Fire 396 x 600, 69KB